Homework samples 

Ocean Maths homework encourages children and their parents/carers to learn maths together. The activities are designed to be fun and to promote discussion. They include games, puzzles and examples related to everyday life.

Ocean Maths homework links to the Primary and Secondary National Strategies for mathematics and therefore supports the mathematics that children will be learning in school.

Homework is available for all year groups from year 1 through to year 9. There are 15 homeworks for each year group, 5 per term. You can view and download sample homework activities for each year group and a summary of all homework topics below.

You can purchase Ocean Maths homework by ordering direct from Ocean Maths. The materials are copyright and must not be reproduced in any form without permission.

Ocean Maths are offering homework for FREE to schools.

Produced by BEAM. 

The homework comes in the form of interactive games/activities that can be done in the classroom or at home.

It is fun, accessible and challenging.

Available in wrapped packs of 30 and covers Years 1 to 6.

For Years 4 to 6 we also have a few PLUS topics available that is more challenging for students. 

For a full list of topics available please download the “Pre-2014 Curriculum Homework Topics” document below.

If you think that these homeworks can be used in your school please contact us at for more information or to place your order.


Summary of all homework topics Pre-2014 Curriculum Homework Topics Year 1 sample Year 2 sample Year 3 sample Year 4 sample Year 4 Plus sample Year 5 sample Year 5 Plus sample Year 6 sample Year 6 Plus sample Year 7 sample Year 8 sample Year 9 sample
Teacher and pupil working on an activity