Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder worked as a senior lecturer in maths education. She was engaged in research in parental involvement in mathematics learning. She co-ordinated two pilot studies, which involved parents who supported their children with secondary maths homework. These studies were conducted in London, Birmingham and Gloucester.

Bhupinder has been a maths teacher in Calcutta and in London. She was also a Head of Biology in Tanzania.

Halima Begum

Halima has been the Office Manager at Ocean Maths since 2003. Her role includes all administrative tasks associated with the delivery of an efficient, responsive and effective Charity.

Prior to this she has worked at various other organisations including an IT company, a social services department and a primary school.

Mich Maflin

Mich has been teaching in Tower Hamlets in a primary school for the past twenty years and as mathematics co-ordinator for the last twelve years.

Since 2008, she has worked with Ocean Maths as a Primary Facilitator. In this role she has worked with children from six primary schools who were low achievers and often struggling in mathematics by running workshops for parents and children. Mich has also trained school staff and Ocean Maths workshops for parents and children across many London Boroughs.