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The Ocean Mathematics Project

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Ancient Egyptian Numbers
Find out more about the Ishango bone at: http://www.simonsingh.net/The_Ishango_Bone.html
Find out more about ancient Egyptian numbers at:
(also type 'Egyptian numbers' into www.google.co.uk).
See a Roman numerals calculator at:
Explain how it works.
Type 'Babylonian numbers' into www.google.co.uk.
Write about what you find.

Ratio and Proportion Problems
Search for Jiuzhang on the internet.
You can use www.google.co.uk and type Jiuzhang.
Get more practice using ratio and proportion at:

Straight Line Graphs
Find more about straight-line graphs by trying these web links:

Compound Area and Volume
Use the internet to find out how fridges work.
Type "how does a fridge work" into a search engine like www.google.co.uk.
Find out how penguins survive using volume and surface area at http://www.coolantarctica.com/.
(Type 'penguins' into the search box).

Statistics: Interpreting Data
Search for 'Florence Nightingale and Statistics' on the Internet. You can use www.google.co.uk.
Also try 'statistics quotations'.
Get more practice using statistics at:

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